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Clipsal Integrated Systems The Company

In the 1970s, Clipsal Australia acquired the Victorian based company, Electronic Safety Products (ESP) and relocated it to its Bowden headquarters.

Recognised as one of Australia's leading designers and manufacturers of equipment which provides a high level of protection against electrocution, ESP products, combined with Clipsal electrical accessories, became an integral part of hospitals and other patient treatment areas throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

It was also during this decade that Clipsal Australia further entered the new world of electronics with a range of innovative products that combined electronic circuits with everyday electrical switches and light dimming products.

From these beginnings emerged a vision that saw the possibility of transforming the technology used in ordinary switches and dimmers to create something far more advanced - a system with distributed intelligence, similar to how the brain and nervous system carry messages throughout the body, that could change the way we see electrical wiring in the domestic and commercial sectors.

In the 1990s, this vision became a reality with the launch of the Clipsal Energy Management System, known simply as C-Bus (Clipsal-Bus). C-Bus soon achieved worldwide success, proving that an Australian designed system, based on common sense and realistic features, can seriously compete on the world stage of integrated systems' products.

In late 1997, Clipsal Australia formed the marketing business unit Clipsal Integrated Systems, to market the Clipsal C-Bus Energy Management System, Clipsal HomeMinder Automation System, 5 Star Room Control System and other high-end specialist products around the world, to all sectors of the electrical and building industries, through product development, product brochures, technical data catalogues, videos, trade product guides, CD-ROM programmes, training and seminars.

With this highly successful business unit established, and record sales of the Clipsal Integrated Systems' product range being achieved, both locally and internationally, the time was right to restructure this business unit into a subsidiary company, with resources that include in-house research and development, product testing, on-site manufacturing, and global marketing, training, sales and technical support.

In late 1999, a steering committee, comprising the company's Marketing, Sales, Training and Support, Engineering and Manufacturing Managers, was established to ensure that each area receives the focus it requires to consolidate Clipsal Integrated Systems as a world leader in electronic and integrated systems' products.

The year 2000 is indeed a significant one. Not only does it signal the beginning of the new millennium, it is the year in which the Clipsal brand of electrical accessories celebrates its 80th anniversary, and world focus turns to Australia as it hosts the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Clipsal is proud to be the Official Provider of Electrical Accessories and Building Automation to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, which has seen C-Bus installed in the Games' high profile facilities, including the headquarters of SOCOG (Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games), Stadium Australia, where the eyes of the world will be focussed during the Games' spectacular Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and for the week long athletics' program; the impressive Royal Agricultural Showgrounds, the venue for the gymnastics' program, and from where the Games will be broadcast to the world, and the SuperDome, Australia's largest and most versatile indoor arena, with a seating capacity of 20,000.

With a high level of infrastructure in place, that includes its own in-house design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, Clipsal Integrated Systems operates with a great degree of autonomy from its parent company, Clipsal Australia. Clipsal Australia does, however, provide Clipsal Integrated Systems with 80 years of knowledge and proven logistics that includes a national and international distribution network which ensures products are delivered on schedule, and maintenance and tooling personnel who help ensure production continues without interruption.

Although still in its infancy, Clipsal Integrated Systems is already another Clipsal Australia' success story. Its work force of 250 employees is expected to grow to 500 within the next two years, as it continues to develop and manufacture a range of products that incorporates a level of technology that leaves our competition only to wonder.

With innovations that are practical and user friendly, and the same understanding of the importance of customer service and support that has helped to make the Clipsal brand a world leader through its parent company Clipsal Australia, Clipsal Integrated Systems has built the strong and healthy foundations for a long and exciting future.

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