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In 1920, Alfred Gerard, developed the first Clipsal products, a range of adjustable conduit fittings that 'clips all' sizes of conduit, inspiring the brand name Clipsal.

80 years later, Clipsal launched Clipsal Integrated Systems Pty Ltd (CIS), within the Clipsal Australia group.

Like the Clipsal adjustable conduit fittings did 80 years ago, Clipsal Integrated Systems changed the electrical industry through its focus on producing the world's most advanced, yet user friendly, range of electronic switching and energy management automation products.

The turning point for in building automation, however, came in 1994, when Clipsal launched the C-Bus Energy Management System, which quickly went on to become the leading name in building management systems, throughout Australia and much of the world.

Clipsal C-Bus has also been instrumental in helping people to understand the importance of large scale energy management, not only to substantially reduce power usage, but to also help preserve the world's natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

Initially, C-Bus was designed and manufactured for the commercial sector, however, the worldwide interest it has created has resulted in the product being adapted to suit the domestic market through the recently released C-Bus DIN Rail Series and other associated products.

Since the first Clipsal C-Bus installation in 1994, in appropriately, the Electricity Trust of South Australia (ETSA) building, many other prestigious building projects have been fitted with Clipsal Integrated Systems' products.

All of these projects, which have extended across the globe, have achieved impressive energy savings, while providing the end user with advanced functionality that is both user friendly, and ensures the flexibility to enable system functions to be modified or more features added at a later date.

The Clipsal Integrated Systems' portfolio of products and personnel represents the foundations of a company that provide truly intelligent, innovative products, changing the way we see electrical installations.

These changes are exciting, firstly because we will witness technology being taken to new limits, and secondly, because we are taking positive steps in addressing the serious issue of conserving energy and natural resources through a genuine, flexible and realistic approach to caring for the world's fragile environment.

Finally, but by no means least important, Clipsal Integrated Systems is based in South Australia, the home of Clipsal Australia and the Clipsal brand. South Australia has been recognised as a leader in technology and many of the world's leading technology companies have chosen it as their Asian Pacific headquarters.

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