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Redefining the boundaries of technology

More than a Research and Development Department, Clipsal Integrated Systems' Product Design Group incorporates one of the world's leading centres of new product design, test and verification, and software development.

It is within this area that the complete range of Clipsal Integrated Systems' building automation products is developed, including the C-Bus Energy Management System, HomeMinder Automation System, 5 Star Room Control System, and various electronic products developed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), together with the numerous software programmes that are required to commission, monitor and control these systems.

One of Clipsal Integrated Systems' biggest customers is its parent company Clipsal Australia, which, through its Clipsal brand of electrical accessories, is the number one brand of electrical accessories in Australia and Asia, and among the top 5 names in the world in electrical accessories.

Clipsal Integrated Systems is contracted by Clipsal Australiato design and manufacture the full range of Clipsal brand domestic, commercial and industrial electronic products, including the highly acclaimed Infrascan range of motion sensors; electronic timers, sunset switches and various residual current devices. These products are sold to the domestic market and exported throughout the world to regions such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India and Asia.

Today's constantly changing world of technology and the rapid acceptance of new technologies sees an unsurpassed level of enthusiasm and dedication by the Clipsal Integrated Systems' Product Design Group, which constantly engages in review processes to ensure the seamless integration of its product range to these emerging technologies and in turn pushes the boundaries of technology to new limits.

This group of innovators has been responsible for the web-enabling of C-Bus, as well as the potential integration of new technologies, such as 'Bluetooth' wireless communications and emerging Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) systems.

Another key to the success of Clipsal Integrated Systems is the vast intellectual property built up through many years of Research and Development. The core of this department is a team of senior electronic and software design engineers who have proudly contributed to worldwide patents for design innovation of many products, including the Clipsal 2 wire electronic switching circuit, and application specific circuits and software that are utilised in the C-Bus Energy Management System.

C-Bus, the flagship and foundation Energy Management System of the Clipsal Integrated Systems' product portfolio, has astounded its peers and impressed the wider electrical and building industries with its powerful capabilities, yet remarkable simplicity of design and operation that have paved the way for market acceptance of the product, globally.

The other electronic field of expertise in which Clipsal Australia has been involved for many years, and is now the responsibility of Clipsal Integrated Systems, is that of the Electronic Safety Products' (ESP) range of electronic products that are especially designed and manufactured for use in medical applications.

Through its development of an extensive range of innovative electronic products and integrated systems, the Clipsal Integrated Systems' Research and Development team provides the highest level of expertise in all areas of electronic design, including state-of-the-art light dimming control, advanced residual current sensing technology, and specific electrical safety products that are customised for use in patient treatment areas.

Pre-compliance testing is conducted entirely on-site at Clipsal Integrated Systems, ensuring that even the tightest deadlines can be met, while maintaining absolute attention to detail. All products are required to meet set test regimes that cover all statutory regulations, including EMC Standards for Australia and Europe.

State-of-the-art Rapid Deposition Prototyping facilities for mechanical models, together with in-house rapid prototyping of new concepts and designs are two facilities that take new concepts and designs from computer images to highly finished models.

The Clipsal Integrated Systems' software programmes, that are developed for programming, monitoring and controlling the applications which make up the powerful Intelligent Building Series and Home Management Series of products, are the result of more than 200,000 development hours.

Through continuous review of software frontiers, Clipsal Integrated Systems' software engineers have utilised JAVA and other Internet ready systems to ensure true cross platform support on both Windows and Macintosh, as well as other platforms, enabling developers access to future exciting application interfaces for building and home automation programming, control and monitoring

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