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What is Clipsal C-Bus Enabled Program?

Can C-Bus do things other than lighting?

Originally developed for intelligent lighting applications the C-Bus protocols now have been enhanced to cater for an increasing number of diverse applications such as:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Security
  • Access Control
  • Measurement
  • Telephony Status & Control
  • Clock & Timekeeping
  • Irrigation control
  • Air Conditioning

to name but a few.

How do I poll C-Bus?

C-Bus has a narrow bandwidth and relies on this for its robustness and noise immunity. C-Bus uses single commands for such things as ramping of loads. Using distributed processing the system uses Network Variables and Group Address Variables to monitor status and maintain synchronisation. For an external system to interface with C-Bus and repeatedly monitor activity and status it is necessary to use C-Gate or C-Bus software drivers. C-Gate creates and maintains an internal model of the C-Bus that can easily be polled without there being any demand placed on system.

Is C-Bus different to other automation protocols?

C-Bus differs from other automation protocols by using distributed processing across a narrow bandwidth. C-Bus employs a proprietary method of monitoring status and maintaining synchronisation between both input and output devices. This removes the need for any continuous polling of the system or confirmation messages. Specific messages are sent for commands issued with no latency or redundancy. The C-Bus operates at Extra Safe Low Voltages on twisted pair Cat 5 cable.

What are the benefits of being a C-Bus Enabled Partner?

Is there a certification process?

Clipsal Integrated Systems encourages developers to allow the C-Bus Interface of their products to be certification tested. This is done to establish that the interface:

  • Complies with the network protocols;
  • Avoids excessive bus traffic; and
  • Has acceptable interoperability with other C-Bus devices.

How do I recognise a certified C-Bus Enabled product?

Look for the C-Bus Enabled logo to ensure that you are buying authentic, interoperable C-Bus equipment. The holographic label will appear on all certified products that contain software, hardware or embedded firmware that conforms to the C-Bus Enabled Program.

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